Everything we do at CGR for existing or prospective customers benefits not only from our many years of experience in the fields of bearings but also from our permanent ongoing research into new design and the use of new materials that are put through extensive endurance and resistance trials on our own test benches.


Working with the client we define the requirements of the product :
- Application
- Speed of rotation
- Temperatures to be used at
- Ambient conditions
- Length of life-cycle
- Loads to be applied


How do we constantly improve on the performance of rotational movement ?

- By our choice of materials and components : steel, plastic, heat treatment, surface treatment, sealing, suitable lubrication
- PBy elaborating new internal designs that maximize ease of movement at points of contact
- Our R+D department draws up the general blueprint and then the detailed drawings on Autocad, thus giving us complete control of product design from A to Z and from diameters of 10 to 250 mm.


We can make IOD and IE prototypes for your technical department to work on. This step is recommended when the application envisaged justifies it.

Production and Industrialisation

Our workshops can produce in small, medium or large series. Depending on the quantity, we can decide to industrialise our assembly lines or not. All operations are carried out at our plant in Herblay – assembly, staking, finishing, correcting and greasing.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance procedures are certified by ISO 9001 version 2008
At each step of the production process statistical and dimensional measures are taken up to and including the final checks before delivery to the client.

Product service and continuity

Even after delivery has taken place our technical team remains at your service.
The know-how behind the design and production carried out at our plants in the Paris region gives us total control over all aspects of our products and the ability to react at once should problems arise. Moreover, the present financial health of the company opens up avenues of opportunity concerning any surge in orders or any new investments required to meet the challenge of new markets.