Flanged bearings

  • CGR’s flanged bearings all have standardized dimensions but a specific choice of steel, as well as treatments and greases.
  • They are used in delivery systems for heavy loads, both ground-based or overhead ( conveyor chains roller chains, lifting chains and tower cranes …).
  • As a manufacture of made-to-order products, we can also provide you with several variations on the drawings laid out below.

Overhead conveyor systems, gravity roller systems, mechanized rollers

  • Our rollers and bearings are in solid steel, pressed steel, plastic coated, can be provided with an optimized number of balls in the case of heavy loads, in a steel or plastic housing, with or without seals. Singly or as part of an integrated unit.
  • From 10mm to 250mm.
  • Load-bearing capacity, anti-corrosion treatment and lubrication vary according to intended use.